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2024 Sponsored Rider

We are delighted to announce that Amy Bachmann has been selected as our Sponsored Rider for 2024.


Amy dressage rider


Sponsored Rider Program 2024.

We are looking one rider who needs our support to achieve their potential.  Our Sponsored Rider package is valued at over $750.00 and includes a $250.00 contribution towards annual Equestrian Australia or Pony Club Australia Membership Fees for 2024.

Our Sponsored Rider should have clearly articulated personal and equestrian goals for 2024. They should be hardworking, and genuine, with an active social media presence online and a level of professionalism in the approach that they take to the promotion of themselves or other products. You should post clear, high-quality photos and videos on your social media (they do not have to be professional, just of a good quality). You should be able to write captions of a high standard, with an eye for detail, spelling and grammar. You must be over the age of 13 as at the time of closing of applications (14/01/24).  

Our ideal Sponsored Rider will have an authentic passion for our brand and be happy to showcase our brand both online (including Cavaleira Equestrian social media, website and promotional materials) and in-person. We aim to build a genuine connection with our Sponsored Rider and seek open and honest feedback on our products and samples in order to improve quality and functionality.  Our Sponsored Rider will be invited, but not obliged, to provide feedback on products and test samples as well as participating in marketing activities (social media campaigns, photo shoots).

Cavaleira Equestrian's Sponsored Rider should not feel obliged to: 

- post content following any kind of regimen, we would much prefer a tag in organic content than have our Sponsored Rider feel pressured to post to a schedule.

- purchase products from Cavaleira Equestrian that they do not want or need.

- endorse or promote specific products.

Cavaleira Equestrian's Sponsored Rider should demonstrate:

- sportsmanship and appropriate etiquette (when attending events or competitions) 

- good horsemanship including a strong sense of responsibility for the health and wellbeing of their horse/s.

Our 2024 Sponsored Rider Package includes the following benefits:

* EA/PCA Membership Contribution of $250.00
* EasyFloat Travel Pro ip68 Waterproof Float Camera $269.00
* Cavaleira Equestrian Show Shirt $64.95
* Cavaleira Equestrian Gift Voucher $50.00
* Cavaleira Equestrian Elegant PU Leather Belt $39.95
* Cavaleira Equestrian Gloves $39.95
* Opportunities to attend events as a Cavaleira Equestrian representative (e.g. The Saddlefitter CDI)
* Opportunities to test and give feedback on Cavaleira Equestrian products before launch.
* Opportunities to participate in photoshoots and product launches.
* Early access to new Cavaleira Equestrian products
* Cavaleira Equestrian discount code (for personal use)
* Cavaleira Equestrian discount code (for friends/family/follower use)

Terms & Conditions:

No email or direct message applications will be accepted.

All steps of the application process must be completed.

The application period will close Sunday 14th January 2024 at 10.00pm.

No late applications will be accepted.

No applications from outside of Australia will be accepted.

All successful applicants must be willing to sign a Sponsored Rider Agreement and adhere to the terms contained within it.

Applicants must be over the age of 13 (the legal age to have an Instagram or Facebook account) by the Sponsored Rider search closing date, 14th January 2024. If aged between 13 and 18, a parent or guardian MUST sign the Cavaleira Equestrian Sponsored Rider agreement, if you are selected.

The final selection of the successful applicant is at the sole discretion of Cavaleira Equestrian, and no correspondence will be entered into.